Thursday, May 31, 2012

D+T=Y(ou) Part 4

She wanted to be proposed to standing up.
She had told him that.  It was the way she had witnessed Nicholas propose to Sharon on Young and Restless.  And at the time it seemed absolutely perfect.
No one else around.  No getting down on one knee.  A single question finished off with a warm embrace.
Intimate and simple.

She also told him she didn't want a ring.  She mentioned something about it being impractical, and preferring something she could use - like a washing machine.
So practical.  So boring.

She is so lucky he had a terrible memory.

It began with notes in her mailbox.  Simple one line questions that offered no answer.  For an entire week there were tiny notes left for her - each with a different question that eluded to the life they had dreamed up during late nights under the stars.  Each on neon colored paper and typed out in order to add to the mystery - as if she would have no idea who had slipped them into her campus mail.

Finally one day he took her out to dinner to her favorite restaurant.
He hid the ring that she had said she didn't want in his sweaty sock and prayed to his God that the elastic would hold that precious gold circle in place.  He fidgeted with it while they waited for a table.  He checked to make sure it was still there while she looked at the wine list.
He hoped she wouldn't notice.
She was afraid he was getting athlete's foot.

Eventually she got up to go to the restroom, not realizing how much her life would change with that simple quick trip to the loo.  While she was fixing her hair, he was trying out different places on the table to put the ring.  While she was washing her hands he was trying to decide whether to leave the box open or closed for effect.  While she was walking back to the table, he was trying to wipe the smile off of his face.
Because he already knew her answer.
And she already knew he was going to ask.

And no one got down on one knee.  No one blubbered through tears of surprise.
Instead, a sly smile was shared.  She giggled and blushed.  In a crowded room it was intimate and simple.  She opened the box and the ring she never wanted suddenly seemed like something she could never live without.  He had designed it.  She has yet to see one even sort of similar.

It sure beat a washing machine.

She is so lucky he had a terrible memory.

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