Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Mural Runs Through It

Yesterday I had the opportunity to complete that forgiveness mural I've been talking about for some time.  I went last week and worked with the P3 students.  53 of them to be exact.  In one room.  At one time.  With only two teachers and myself with no real concept of attention span or skill level of 7-8 year olds.  Now I can tell you....they are very different from the high school students I'm used to.  It would have taken high school students DAYS to finish these mural boards.  It took the students last week about 5 minutes.  They are fast.  And furious.  And they love to paint - not necessarily inside the lines, or with any sort of precision.  But as a bit of a free spirit myself, I can totally dig their needs to be individuals - it's just hard to allow them this on my mural. 

So yesterday I gave the P5 classes (8-9) year olds the VERY IMPORTANT job of making the fabulous mural that the P4 classes had done EVEN BETTER than it already was.  I emphasized what an important job it was for them, and that I knew what amazing artists they were because I had seen their drawings.  We talked about how not all of the people in the mural needed to have peach skin, because no one really has perfectly peach skin, except for maybe Nicole Kidman.  We talked about how ladybugs only need one head and how bumble bees maybe need at least one head for their antennas.  These kids were amazing. 
The calm before the storm.

And to parents of third graders:  you know all of those wonderful manners and skills of kindness you teach your kids at home, but question whether they could possibly transform out of the monster you know and love?  I'll tell you this.  They remember everything you teach them.  And they use it when you're not around.  And they are respectful, kind, and helpful.  Those third graders rocked my world today.


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Sounds hectic to me! I am impressed!