Friday, March 2, 2012

Miles Sings.

Miles has started singing. 
I know that the only thing that seems significant about this is that he's three and a half and just now starting to sing.  The thing is that he's always loved music, but mostly as an observer/dancer/appreciator.  He was more of a music enthusiast if you will. 
It was discouraging for me because I listened to other kids sing and perform for the doting adults in their lives, but my son simply sat through many renditions of Johnny Appleseed and Old McDonald.

It all began with Baa Baa Black Sheep.  We have the book.  Let me tell you about it.  It's a riveting tale of a whole bunch of ill-prepared animals that keep bugging the poor sheep for things such as cheese, bones, or seed. The obvious annoyance of the sheep can be seen through her exasperation at having the interrupt her knitting for these thoughtless creatures.  In the end they all turn on her only to find that she had been slaving away and knitting them wearable goods all day.  Like I said...riveting.
But I digress.
It started there. He began busting it out in the car, or in the most peculiar places. 
Then he started singing songs in Gaelic that he was learning at school.  Next, he began joining in during Johnny Appleseed at the dinner table.  Now the boy is making up songs about everyday occurrences and performing them for all sorts of audiences.  The current favorite is a catchy tune that goes...
Paul came...boom boom boom boom. over and over again.  Even the volunteers have begun singing it when he's not around.
I love the singing like only a mother could.  But since the singing has begun, the sentences have started developing.  More complex thoughts have been voiced.  And he has become more understandable.


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That sheep reminds me of someone :P And why have I not heard this Paul song yet?

I think Miles speaks more and clearer that when you came in the autumn. And the amount of names that boy can learn, oh my goodness. Could I borrow him for one of my massive teenager groups? He could learn the names and sit on my knee while I facilitate (and tell me who I'm talking to..). :)

I love his enthusiasm when it's time to volunteer for dinner dishes. I wonder if he knows that he doesn't actually get to do the task even though his name is called every day?