Sunday, January 1, 2012

Banned from Edinburgh

Dear Boys.
I spent all day yesterday drafting a "Thanks for ruining my vacation" letter to you.  Because it felt as if you had.  Between your stroller's flat tire (which I realize now was not your fault) and throwing temper tantrums of such epic proportions that the mall security police were called on me, I was sure that you deserved to know the pain you caused me on our Scotland adventure. 
I had a whole letter drafted yesterday in my head.
But now I can't remember it.  Because last night they last thing I saw before I fell asleep was a vision of the two of you angelically sleeping, cuddling together, and it was all, no, mostly forgotten.  I forgive you. 
But the wounds are still a bit fresh.
And I hope today is better.
And I hope we can have fun.
And I hope my memories of this week are memories I will love, and not the memories that kept replaying in my head yesterday.
We have 2.5 more days boys.  Let's make them count.
Because I still love you.
Your Mom