Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Things I WILL Remember the Next Time I Vacay

  1. I will not call it a "vacay."
  2. Booking a flight early in the morning doesn't mean you'll get to "do more cool things all day" when you get there.  Instead, it means "you will have really grumpy kids all day" when you get there.
  3. Booking hotels in the city center is essential, because naptime is essential and bathroom emergencies are unavoidable.
  4. Snacks...lots and lots of snacks.
  5. Don't assume that a 35 minute flight will be easy-breezy.  Because the one time you let your guard down and come unprepared....they can smell it.  "They" meaning your children that have the ability to change from angels to demons in two breaths.  "They" meaning the two boys who didn't make a peep on the jet-lagging 8 hour flight over to the UK, but are completely disillusioned at having to sit in a seat with a seat-belt for the five minutes it takes to land a plane at the end of a flight that lasted no more than THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES.
  6. Milkshakes make everyone happy, and are magic bad-mood eliminators.
  7. Nobody needs to be hungry at any moment throughout the trip.  That's just crazy talk.
  8. My husband likes museums and castles more than I do.
  9. When they nap, you nap.  When they nap, you nap.  When they nap, you nap.
  10. If you want to truly relax....don't take your kids.