Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh Christms Tree...

For weeks it hasn't really felt like Christmas here.  I realize now it's because we had no tree.
On Monday when we were undecorating the entire site for Christmas vacation we stole acquired the least dead of the five Christmas trees around the site.  The volunteers just carried it over decorations and all.

I love our Christmas tree. 
I've never had a real one before, the only reason being that I'm really cheap I mean, I really like my fake tree.  I never realized how much they really do smell like real trees (there goes the $5 I spent on an evergreen candle back in November). 
This one isn't perfect.  It's sparse, and crooked, and the ornaments are not at all spaced out, and it barely fits in our living room.
But I love it.
Ever since I was little I love getting up in early in the morning (while it's still dark) (which is until almost 9 here) and just sitting on the couch in the glow of twinkling white lights.  There is something so Christmasy about it.
And since we've had our tree I've watched it work it's magic on my boys.  In the early hours of the morning we sit on our couch and watch the twinkling lights....not having to say a word.
For twenty whole minutes there is no begging to watch tv.  No asking for candy.  No fighting.  No running.
Just cuddling and watching.
Twenty minutes people. 
That's like hours in little boy years.
And I will cherish it for as long as I possibly can.

Do you think they'll notice when the tree is still up in July?