Friday, September 16, 2011

what a day

What. A. Day.
I could write a book about what we've gone through to get our visas... but instead I will just let you know that our prayers have been answered and they are safely in the hands of a close neighbor.  Talk about timing.  Since the beginning of this process I have stuck by the claim that we are leaving for Northern Ireland on Sunday September 18th - two days after my brother's wedding. 
When we took the job they wanted us there in June, but I told them there was no way I could be there before September 16th.  I mean, my baby brother was getting married.  That's not something I was going to miss if I could help it.  Not only that, but my other brother and his wife could possibly be having a baby this-very-second.  They were reluctant to accept this, but here we are: September 16th - the day my baby brother gets married, the day after my sister-in-law is due to have her baby, and the visas are just now hitting our hands. Our flights are scheduledd to leave Chicago on Monday evening.  Perhaps it's fate.  Perhaps God has a plan.  Perhaps it's not for me to figure out.  Perhaps I'll just put on my lapis dress, help my future sister-in-law get ready for her big day, and stand up for my baby brother while he takes this next amazing step in his life. 
I hope for him happiness.
I hope for them laughter.
And of course I hope for my children more cute little cousins that I can spoil. (but not for two more years - I can only handle missing one nephew's birth.) :)