Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you going to the Scaraborough Fair?

I doubt the Scarborough Fair was half as cool as the Fulton County Fair, which is where I dragged my dear husband and two kids after years of big talk and  little delivery.  I actually hadn't been since high school, which is weird, because I spent most of my adolescence LIVING for fair week.  In our county it runs over labor day weekend so all of the schools in the area not only get Monday off, but also get Tuesday (junior fair day) off to attend the fair.  To say it is a big deal would not do it justice.
So yesterday we packed it up and braved the chilly temps (a good precursor to the next two years) and beat the morning traffic so we could check out the animals, rides, and of course, fried food.

 Some things about the pictures....
  • The first is a picture of us with the town symbol I grew to love - Sterlena the cow.
  • I AM wearing gloves to drink a milkshake...a drop in temperature will not keep me from my favorite feature of the fair - the dairy stand.  
  • Liam was so into people watching that he had to sit backwards in his stroller.
  • That IS a fat-guy funnel cake on my lap, and I don't regret it one bit.
  • You might strike you that I'm actually in some pictures.  Dustin convinced me that he should have a newer-version Ipod so that he would have a camera to carry around and therefore I would actually be in some pictures instead of just this mythical creature that followed them around throughout their childhood.
  • Oh yeah, and that picture below.....that's a goat dressed up as a horse. Duh.