Thursday, September 29, 2011

what exactly have you been doing for this whole week?

kn Well, I'll tell ya.
At first we were busy doing a big fat nothing.  For the first few days we were told just to relax and do nothing.  It was a little hard for me to do, but I put on my big-girl pants and did nothing (except clean out the closets in my flat, reorganize the furniture, and a list of other things that they wouldn't know about behind closed doors).

On top of doing nothing, we also spent some time exploring our new "yard", walking to the beach, and trekking into town.  Right away last Wednesday we went to Knocklayd - a house owned by Corrymeela to meet the long term volunteers that we will be working with for the first year.  That was pretty much the only thing that was expected of us for the first five days.  Hard work I tell ya.  Actually it WAS hard for me because we don't have internet or a working phone yet in our flat, and then top that with no drivers license (which we do have now), and you've got one antsy mama.

Finally on Monday - just two days ago we were able actually sit down and get to work.  Wait, scratch that.  Dustin played the role of stay-at-home dad while I participated in the Monday meetings that we will eventually be leading.  Mondays are the big organizational/housekeeping/keeping everyone in sync meetings.  He did take a break from super-dadding it to take me out for a spin in the car.
Who is that hotty behind the wheel of a station wagon?
Reasons I hate driving so far:
I have a hard time gauging the distance from me to the left side of the car.
Shifting with my left hand.
The car is big.
The roads are skinny.
Everyone else knows what they're doing.
I keep getting in the wrong door when it's my turn to drive.

On Tuesday we were able to write out a schedule for our induction these next three weeks, which made me feel better.  (on a side note - I'm trying really hard to just go-with-the-flow, and it may not seem like it through my posts, but I'm on the edge of turning into one cool chica.)  (on a side note of the side note - I've been told that this will make more people want to hang out with me.)

Wednesday is when the real work began.  We started by organizing our office.  We have a nice big room to work with, but will have to wait until some people get back from vacation before we'll be able to move certain things out and put in shelving for all of the resource supplies.
Dustin also spent a portion of the morning hauling long term volunteers to the doctor.  Then last night we had a going away party for three people that were here on summer staff and were ready to leave for home. I'm not sure how I'm ever going to get used to saying goodbye all the time like they do here. I'm terrible at goodbyes!

Today was slow again.  Dustin spent the morning hauling volunteers to the doctor, while I was in our office pretending to work, while really all I did was make two posters and then get on Pintrest for the rest of the time.

Now I'm back in the office working blogging while I'm waiting for Liam to wake up so we can go on an official tour of the centre. :)

And to the shock of your's is super warm here right now.  Yesterday and today were both warm enough that we thought briefly about taking a swim.  I even got out my sunglasses.  crazy.

What's on the agenda for the next few days?
- Miles' first day of Irish school
- Our first car trip to another town.
- Hopefully more adventures.


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Miles goes to school? Like a preschool? Or a public school? All day? Is that customary in N. Ireland to begin school at 3? SO many questions...sorry.