Monday, September 12, 2011


Things I miss:
1.  My house.  More specifically, my room, my family pictures, my kitchen, and my cozy chair in the living room that gave me great viewing access to all of our neighbors.
2.  My dog.  He would be a sight for sore eyes right now.
3.  My classroom.
4.  My Illinois friends and everything about them, including, but not limited to: our talks, funny stories, parental advice, professional advice, shared bottles of wine, and birthday dinners.
5.  My coworkers.  They were funny.  I worked with good people. I miss them.

Things I look forward to:
1.  Living in N. Ireland.  I hear it's nice there.
2.  The work we will be doing (stay tuned for another post with details).
3.  Having my own home again.
4.  The season premiere of Greys Anatomy - if N. Ireland doesn't get it, then I might have to fly home for it.
5.  Singing like Adele (because I've been practicing you guys).

Things that I am thankful for now:
1.  Living with my parents.
2.  Spending every day with my sons, with no real pressing distractions to interrupt our intense bike riding and car-driving.
3.  Being close to my friends from home for a change.
4.  Rice krispie treats.  (Don't be jealous.)
5.  This weather.  Brazilian Cookouts.  Small towns.  I love it.