Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh cool!

What a week.  Heck, what a summer!  And in the wake of it all I am watching my boys grow up.  Fast.  All of the sudden they are doing and saying things that make my day brighter, my heart bigger, and my step lighter.

Last weekend we went to Lake Michigan for a quick trip to celebrate the 4th with Dustin's family.  As always, we had a ton of fun and always love going up there.  The boys loved hanging out with their cousins...this family is full of boys!

Some things about what the boys are doing right now.
  • Miles is REALLY into cars....okay, where have you been for the last two years?  No - I mean it's grown into this obsession with driving cars - real cars.  Everytime he is next to one of our cars he tries to get in - and can.  He can get into other people's cars too - especially unlocked ones in parking lots.  Trust me.  We've had to start locking our cars in our garage.  Except the other day I was outside talking to a friend when Miles ran into the house, found my keys, came back out to the car and proceeded to unlock it AND put the key in the ignition.  Luckily that is where I stepped in and realized what was happening.  I am SO in trouble.
"Driving" Papa's truck - a super treat.
  • Speaking of other people's cars.  That is now one of Miles' favorite phrases - "Other people's."  It is important to point out what is "other people's" stuff and what is ours.
  • Speaking of cars.  Miles now feels the need to tell everyone that leaves our house to "not hit me" while patting his head.  It's cute, but confuses a lot of guests.  Do his parents hit him?  Did he get hit by a car one time that only hit the top of his head?  The kid's got a healthy fear of being hit by an automobile.
  • Liam constantly will poke his head through things, pop up behind things, or look through things and say "I see you!"  It is pretty darn endearing.
  • Miles has started using the phrase "Oh cool!" constantly.  I thought it was pretty funny until one day when Dustin was trying to get him to look at something sort of lame and Miles said "oh cool" while walking away and not even giving Dustin the time of day.  Now I think it is hilarious.
  • Liam has started gulping for air about things that excite him.  You know how you suck in your breath when you get excited about something?  Well, I must do it a lot because Liam does it ALL THE TIME.  The only difference is that he sounds like he is choking on a chicken bone when he does it and he's usually pointing out not-so-exciting things, like a goldfish cracker he found under the couch from 2 years ago.  

  • Miles has started imitating how I will sometimes try to get his attention.  (Isn't it crazy how you don't realize you are doing these things until it is imitated for you by your child?).  I (apparently) say "pssst" a lot when I want him to look at something that is sort of cool.  As in "come here, I have a secret cool thing to show you."  Only his sounds more like a "fffffft" and is generally attached to phrases such as "mommy, I need water." at 3 a.m.
  • Liam has been talking like CRAZY.  I wish I could list everything here and that I would have kept better track of what he said when, but now it's to the point where he just imitates everything we say.  My favorites right now are "TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON!" "Mommy, I need flipflops" and the other day when he (to the joy/chagrin of D's family) called his nana's famous Nana Rolls "Papa Rolls."  (Papa rather enjoyed it.)
This is a fun age and I'm really enjoying where it is going.  I have loved staying home with them this summer, and it is a good thing I don't have to worry about going back in the fall, because it might have been just too hard to leave these two guys when the time came. (As I write this they are sound asleep in their beds.....ask me again tomorrow around 4 p.m. when we have our daily "crumble")