Thursday, July 7, 2011

clicker happy

What do you get when you give a seven-year-old a film camera for Christmas?  A whole LOT of recorded crap.
Today I was sorting through my loads of stuff when I came across not one, not two, but THREE boxes of old photographs.  Remember when people used to use film cameras?  (I had a student one time inform me that her mom used to have a camera that shot with film and you could even buy it in COLOR! seriously.)  Anyways, I've been taking pictures for a long time...and apparently I've kept every roll of film, along with the extras, doubles, rejects, you-name-it since I was in elementary school.  That's over 20 years of pictures.  I've also been keeping a scrapbook(s) for that that means that these three boxes were filled with photographs I hadn't looked at for YEARS.  So I looked through them.
Man was I glad I did.
Partly because I had a good time doing it, and partly because I was able to get rid of a lot of photos I hope my kids never see.  (How lucky am I that I didn't grow up in the digital era?)
If only I had a scanner....
There were a lot of pictures that made me happy, sad, disgusted, and even laugh out loud.  So I started piles......
Pile #1 - the largest - to be thrown away.  This ranged from pictures that were embarrassing to just plain ridiculous.  Is this someone's hand in front of the lens?  Better keep it in case the FBI needs me to crack a case from 1992.  Does this picture of me with my mouth open and food spilling out of it really need to be preserved for my children?  Probably not.  This pile is filled with bad compositions, and just plain bad choices.
Piles #2 and 3 - pictures of my brothers and parents.  I didn't keep all of them...just the really funny ones.  The ones that made me giggle.  Did you know that my youngest brother almost never wore clothes and that my middle brother can floss his nasal passage with dental floss...never fear, it is well documented.
Piles #4-8 - pictures of my dear friends and our shenanigans.  Seriously funny.  Some are seriously embarrassing.  But all were seriously worth keeping. 

I don't plan to keep any of these piles, but I do have big plans for piles 2-7.  I plan on sending them off to each person that I love more because of them.  I even plan to set up a little commentary based flip book for each person since I won't be there with them when they look at them.  (And it's only REALLY funny if you know what I'm thinking as I saw these.)  Because I think I'm seriously funny, and I want someone else to relish in these memories we've made.

Oh. wait wait wait.  So what if I don't have a scanner, I do have a camera, so now, fresh out of the ol' Nikon is a tiny little snippet of my trip back in time........

I think I went as the third wheel to this dance with my best friend Tiffani and her boyfriend.  For the life of me I can't figure out why I didn't have a date....I was definitely working it.

This is the most recent picture, but if my friend Audra sees this, then I know I won't be the only one that laughs out loud.

This is my baby brother 22.5 years ago. Wasn't he cute?  90% of my early photographic career was spent with him as my subject, and I have the portfolio to prove it.

And this is my middle brother...obviously impressed by the situation.

I wish I could show you the really good ones, but unfortunately for you I'm just not comfortable with terrible and somewhat incriminating images of me and mine floating around cyber space....but MAN I wish you could see just how glorious it was.