Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BFs forever and eva

Lately it has been a lot of fun watching M and L play together.  Partly because it means I get to sit down and enjoy a nice cupcake and cup of tea at the kitchen table while they run around and entertain each other, but also because it is just plain fun to watch.  They love each other. 
Don't get me wrong...they fight.  They argue.  They steal each other's toys.  They push each other down.  And they make each other cry. 
But 49.5% of the time they love each other. (That's almost half!)
I love watching them kiss each other good night.
I love when one is crying and the other ones goes to get his cuddle toys (for Miles, Liam gets Bear and Monkey, and for Liam, Miles gets his silky or Pooh).  (Usually the one that is crying doesn't deserve his cuddle toys because said boy is in TROUBLE, but it is so darn cute that I let it happen while I'm "not looking".)
I love when they call each other's names followed by "where are you?!" throughout the house.
I love when one goes outside, but has to come back to get the other, because they want to play outside with their brother.
I even love these fake argument things they've been doing, which usually start out of nowhere, and go like this....
M "mommy"
L "no!"
M "daddy"
L  "no!"
M "brush teeth"
L "nnnno!"
M "Monkey"
L  "no!"
M  "Cooper"
L "no!"
M  "H"
L "nnno!"
and so on....I think you get the idea.
I love the way they mimic each other when one does something funny - the other one is guaranteed to follow closely behind.
I love that they wrestle on our bed.
I love that they make each other laugh.
I love that they love each other.

This is how Liam talks on his play phone.  One hand in the air....always.
Come to think of it, so does Miles....which leads me to believe they learned it somewhere...will someone promise to tell me if I do this and just don't realize it?

And my eternal hope for them....my dream....is that they will always find a best friend in each other.

That's possible, right?