Monday, September 3, 2012


I haven't been the faithful writer that I normally am.
I almost typed out some excuse about being really busy, but the truth is that if any one of you looked at my google calendar, you would most certainly have seen two weeks of blank squares.  My social and work calendar would be the exact opposite of busy.

But I thought about it a little more, and I realize I have been busy - just unconventionally busy.

I've been busy bouncing...I bounce a lot these days.  I bounce standing, sitting, and I'm currently trying to figure out how to do it lying down.  This little person that just joined my life four weeks ago seems awfully distraught for being carried everywhere, getting food literally squirted into his mouth, and having someone else bath and dress him.  Can you say di-va?

I've been busy eating... My appetite is insatiable.  I'm not kidding.  For months I haven't been able to eat anything because I thought I would explode and a baby would come flying out of me, but now I can't put the fork down.  It's like I'm training for the Iron-man Competition, minus the part that would resemble exercise.

I've been busy being sad... My volunteers left, and that left me so sad. SO SAD.  I would say I finally found the strength to move on this weekend, but there are still moments that I look back on and feel empty.  It's not that I'm afraid I won't see them again - it's more about being in an empty space that they once filled - finding it hard to imagine it filled again by someone else.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that on Monday (TODAY!) my two older boys start school? I'm a tiny bit (cough) ecstatic (she says cryptically coughing into her hand), but I've become so used to Liam being my little work buddy, it will be so sad to see him go.  Plus, I know he'll cry, and I'm TERRIBLE (seriously, terrible.) about not crying when he is so sad.  I look forward to the day he instead rolls his eyes at my sad face and thinks I'm being ridiculous.

I'm been busy writing emails and letters in my head.  I owe so many people emails and letters.  And I write to them all the time... in my head.  You probably have a letter or email coming your way, but I just haven't actually typed it out yet, let alone mailed it.  Trust me, it's a good one though.

I've been busy writing blog posts in my head.  Believe me - they're awesome.  Maybe someday you'll get to read them.

I've been busy watching ridiculous movies.  The most recent is "What to Expect When You're Expecting."  It got terrible reviews, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I secretly loved it.
If you've seen it, I'm totally this woman:
Elizabeth Banks in the "I'm calling bull#$%^, Pregnancy Sucks" scene.
I've been busy being tired.  Do you know what three solid hours of sleep feels like?  Will you tell me about it?  I'd like to live vicariously through you.

And finally, I've been busy trying not to be too busy.  That's hard work people.

Now off to our first day of school.  Wish us luck.


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Blessings to you and all of your dear family, Tiffany, as the two oldest boys head off to school! I hope that Oliver will take some good L-O-N-G naps with you!! You are ever in our prayers.