Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten Things I Know to Be True on Tuesday

  1. They don't eat peanut butter here.  I KNOW!  They have it...and actually I like it better than the peanut butter in the States, but I guess they only use it for sautes and to please ExPats.  I just found out last week that most of the cringe at the thought of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or any sort of dessert with peanut butter in it.  Consider my mind blown.
  2. Everyone is so nice here that they won't tell me when I do something wrong.  In the past month I've discovered an entire list of things that I've been doing wrong up in here...mainly to do with the kitchen in the main house.  I feel like every-other day for the past month I've had to go to someone and apologize for my ignorance.  It is really getting tiring.  Therefore I've decided to make a handover manual for the next resource couple that covers specifically kitchen and housekeeping - so that they aren't made to look like the ungrateful fool that I have turned out to be.
  3. Kids don't embrace the laziness that a rainy day allows like adults can.  That's just unfair.
  4. When I say "The baby is due in a month" it seems way longer in my mind than "The baby is due in 4 weeks."
  5. Young people (early 20s) stay up really really late.  Like, they are going to bed after I've already awoken for the morning.  When I think about it, it makes my stomach hurt.
  6. If I love a baby name, Dustin will always ho-hum it.  I think it is secretly his attempt at having ownership over the names of all of our children.  He'll wait to drop his favorite on me until I'm well overdue, and then I'll be too shell-shocked and exhausted to care.  It's what happened with Liam.
  7. Miles is officially starting to get an Irish accent.  You can hear it most when he says things like "now", "house", "out", and "water."  It's pretty amazing.
  8. Today I miss watermelon and Michigan peaches.
  9. Today I also miss Michigan.
  10. Because of the overwhelming generosity of people that don't even know me, I have more clothes for this baby leading up to 6 months than I did for any other child.  This amazes me and humbles me.  
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