Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dustin's Birthday

On Friday Dustin turned 32.  So I sent him off for the day to Belfast to run some volunteers into the airport (trust me - it gets better) and to buy himself a new raincoat for his birthday.  Everyone kept commenting on how cruel it was to send my husband off to the city on his own for his birthday, but if it was my birthday I can't think of a better plan than to head off into the city and do exactly what I wanted to do all day without having to worry about whether Miles "wanted" to go into this store, or whether Liam "needed" the sweeties at the checkout counter.  I thought it was a pretty good gift.
Okay, okay...I did do more than just ship him off.  I brought him breakfast from a local breakfast place (because I had gone out for breakfast with some dear friends that were leaving - the same ones he was driving to the airport.) and then the boys and I decorated the house for his return.  Trust me...he didn't get back until 5:00 - he must have had a good time.

 Then when he returned we went to see Ice Age 4 - totally his choice (although I'm supposed to say it was for "Miles last day of school celebration". bah.) And we returned home to enjoy an ice cream roll cake I had slaved (SLAVED I tell you!) over the day before.
Hopefully he had a good birthday.  I know we all enjoyed it. :)  The boys loved the movie, and I'm not just talking about the two youngest ones.