Monday, April 2, 2012

Why did the pregnant lady cross the sea?

To get to the island of course.
(Oh stop....I know you like a good corny line every now and again.)

Over the last month I have had the intense pleasure of planning a two day residential for our long term volunteers - the volunteers that are here for a full year.  Last week we finally got to see it in action.
If you know me, you know that planning a short little love-filled trip for a group of my favorite people using someone else's budget is just about the most exciting thing in the world for someone like your's truly.
I loved everything about it.
I loved making them fun little invitations that sent them packing and planning without a clue what they were packing and planning for.
I loved keeping everything a surprise and then watching them figure out where we were going and what we were doing as the day unfolded.
I loved that the sun was shining and that we had a cloudless night to gaze at the stars.
I loved introducing them to smores.
I loved their willingness to try all sorts of new things.
And I loved watching their friendships bulge and grow as the two days progressed.

On Sunday night they all received invitations with directions for things to pack, and a plee for them to show up at our house at 8:15 a.m. sharp the next day.  
There we served them breakfast and had a good time enjoying the already amazing weather that we were blessed with.

After more packing we ended up on the Ferry that travels over from Ballycastle to Rathlin Island.

Once on the island we hiked about 3 miles with our packs to our cabin.  Everyone had to wait for the pregnant lady with the smallest backpack to get up the hills, but we all eventually made it.

I wish I could say I took tons of pictures of our actual time there, but the above picture of our hike was the very last picture I took of the entire trip.
So I didn't take many pictures. But I'll tell you what I did do.
  • I slept in until 8:00...   seriously, 8:00!
  • I took a silent night hike and have never NEVER in my life have seen so many stars.
  • I cried a little - but in a good healthy cleansing way.
  • I missed my kids.
  • I ate great food and a lot of sugar.
  • I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.