Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3rd Annual Family Day of Miles

Yesterday we celebrated our little boy coming home with us three years ago.  Except he's not so little anymore.  The dreadful and beautiful part of it all is that he'll just keep getting bigger and older.
This is how you throw the perfect Family Day for someone like Miles.

  1. Break your car.  Miles went to school this someone else's car.  It wasn't really planned, but our car is getting work done so we had to borrow another couple's car.  Miles loves NOTHING more than to ride in other people's cars.  It was like we broke our car on purpose just to make his day more special.  He was so excited that he ran all of the way out of school chanting "Mick and Aafke's car".  He will tell anyone about it that will listen.  I personally don't get it, but he seriously LOVES it and can't think of anything else worth talking about for the entire day. 
  2. Unless you tell him that he is going to go see a movie about pirates and ships.  If you are a really stupid and inexperienced parents (such as moi), you tell him this right before his nap.
  3. Then you listen during his entire nap time as he talks to himself about boats and movies and says "ARG" a lot from his bedroom.
  4. When it is almost time to leave (2.5 hours later) you tell him he can get out of bed (after he asks you from his room "Mom, you call me and I get up?" 30 times).  He then proceeds to run circles around the house shouting about movies and pirates and ships (even though you're pretty sure he doesn't actually know what a pirate is).
  5. You then go into town and run a few errands before the movie, where he tells every shop keeper about his movie plans and that he is going to get a "hangburger" afterwards.  (Which is news to you.)
  6. During the movie you get the boy popcorn (which Liam calls "cop-porn") and you share you sinful Coke with him and his brother.  Boys are completely engrossed in the movie, and they look 100% angelic sitting so nicely with the light from the screen reflecting off their eager faces.  They are literally on the edges of their seats and you are literally in love.
  7. Afterwards your son will tell you he actually wants "noodles" so you go to a noodle place where he then looks at the menu and requests the non-existent "hangburger."  You get noodles and hope he doesn't notice.
  8. Miles spots the present in your purse when you're not looking and insists on opening it.  It's a car transporter.  Apparently the perfect gift.  So perfect in fact that his two year old brother spends the entire meal whining and begging for a turn at it. 

9.  You return to the car poor and exhausted, and the lack of nap sets in.  You ride home the rest of the way with one boy fast asleep and the other talking non-stop like you've fed him speed before the trip (perhaps an after-affect from the Coke).


thewonderfulhappens said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Perfect! So glad you broke your car for him :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I laughed so much!
- neitinomad who's using the wrong googleaccount at the moment...