Friday, April 27, 2012

One of Those Days.

You know those days when everything goes perfectly and your life is a breeze, and you are the picture of perfection from afar? was not one of those days.
Quite the opposite actually.
What is the opposite of such a day you ask?  It is one of those days when you remember your doctor's appointment five minutes after it was supposed to begin.  When your head can't stop spinning so fast with all of the things that you were meant to do in the morning, that you are having trouble figuring out where to begin.  It's when all of the people you need seem to either be sick, missing, or unresponsive.  When your children forget their manners and to put on underwear.  Need I go on?  Because friends... I could.

This weekend - a spur-of-the-moment picnic at Murlough Bay
But then it is also one of those days when you're looking through the photos from a day not-so-long-ago and you remember that there are wonderful days.  You remember that most days are wonderful days.  And then you thank God for those days, because friends, could you imagine a life without those days?


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Well put, Tiffany! Great photo of your boys against the ocean backdrop!!

Julie L.