Monday, May 9, 2011

What not to wear....parents should know better edition.

With all this digging around old scrapbooks for pictures lately I have been continuously reminded of the dire mistakes my parents must have made in dressing me as a child....especially when Dustin is looking over my shoulder shouting..."hey!  Look at that one!" every time I turn the page of a scrapbook.
So, as an instructional guide, I have compiled a photo essay of
What Not to Dress Your Child Who is Too Young to Know Better In......

What is this?  I wonder why they stopped making them.  It is so flattering.Even the weird animal with horns is wondering what the heck I'm wearing. 

I bet this seemed cute at the time....I wish you could see all of the pictures from this page. 
It's a wonder I wasn't mistaken for a boy 90% of the time by strangers.

One word: Seriously??!!  If there was ever any doubt who the favorite child was, let it be clarified simply by this photo and the comparative elevation of our shorts.

Who needs dress-up clothes?  When you can simply wear your mom's slip and some crazy matching stocking hat from the closet.

I love this photo because it shows my early artist-self in action...unfortunately the suspenders were not only worn for painting.

I like to picture my mom picking this up in a department store and saying to herself...."This would be so cute on Tiffany."

And simply to counteract the above photo....  I've never been able to wear blue eye shadow since.

And one last gem....the one I can't technically blame on my parents....
Because I'm 80% sure I wore those watermelon shorts to every game and definitely knotted my shirt on my own - my own sporty flare if you will.  Who said you can't play sports and look good at the same time?
Maybe I'm being too hard on my parents.  I was growing up in the 80's, and I'd venture to bet that most of you had similar clothing....I hope not, but I wouldn't doubt it. 
And the truth of the matter is....things do seem way cuter to you when you're the adult dressing the little person, and I'm sure my sons can someday look back on our pictures and make fun of their mama.


Grace said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What adorable photos! I love the fashion flashback!

katie zeller said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

holy crap that made me laugh out loud.