Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Celebration of Sorts...

Happy Children's Day!  This year we invited a few of our favorite big and little people to celebrate children - a traditional May 5th holiday in South Korea  (and Cinco De Mayo for the adults).  So over BeeBimBop and Margaritas we celebrated our children and each other.
Egg rolls - Korean style...for those BOF fans - Jun Pyo's fave. :)
BeeBimBop and Chapchae - my fave.

And of course Beef Enchiladas for those looking for a little Mexican flair.

Ellie opting for some green beans from home.

Liam so happy to finally eat!

Kiddy chopsticks

Caleb sneaking some food from Uncle Ben

Aedan fishing for some prizes.

Our youngest participant...Josie Jane.

The spoils...

All the kids together with a cake.  It isn't turned the right way, but it says Happy Children's Day in least I hope that's what it says. :)  Poor Ellie was not excited about the picture. :(

The party got a little wild when the pants came off.

The lonely party animal left by himself after the guests all went home.