Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frustrated. WRITTEN 5/21/11

I am so bad at waiting.
I am so bad at patience.
AND I am so bad at pretending like I am equipped with the patience to wait.

They said they would email us Thursday night with an answer.
They said that they are optimistic, but there are just some logistical things that have to be worked out before they can formally offer us the position.
They emailed on Thursday to tell us they would DEFINITELY email us on Friday, because something had come up.
I emailed them to make sure it would be Friday, because I didn't think I could make it until Monday unless they prepared me for that.
They emailed me back and said it would DEFINITELY be Friday.
Guess what today is?
That's right.  No word.  It's killing me.
Now other thoughts besides just annoyance have begun racing through my head.
What if someone else applied that is better?
What if they have changed their mind?
What if all of this excitement is for nothing?

My pep talk for today:
Tiffany......it is officially out of your hands.  You have no control over the outcome from here on out.  YOU NEED TO FREAKING CALM DOWN.