Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being liked.

When I was younger I cared a lot more about being liked by others than I do now.  If I was honest, I would admit that I want to be liked (who doesn't?), but I'm not going to alter who I am so that I'm accepted or cool.  Like most people in their thirties I've found the friends that love me for who I am, I've ironed out my priorities, and I've allowed myself to dismiss the people who create negative energy in my wake. I guess I've grown up.
But I have one weakness that I keep finding myself faced with.  I want people to like my kids.  No, scratch that.....I want people to LOVE my kids.  I don't need them to constantly tell me how cute they are, or that they are the most amazing children in the world (because they are....duh.).  I just want them to be genuinely liked.
This is hard for me.  Because I think they're pretty amazing.  And, like I'm sure most other parents realize about their own children, my kids do all of these amazing, wonderful, loving, things when they're alone with me.
Then we go out into public.
And they hit each other.  And they fight.
And they have accidents in the church nursery on the day I forgot to pack an extra pair of pants.  (And we're talking a MAJOR accident.)
I don't expect my kids to get doted on....but don't you want everyone to know how amazing your child is?  Don't you want them to see your child for the caring, cuddly, smart, little darling they are?  As much as I hate to admit it.... I do.
But I have a feeling that I'm going to need to get over it.
Because there are going to be teachers that don't think my son is as smart as I do.
There will be teenagers that don't think my son is as cool as I think he is.
And there will probably be other parents that talk about what a trouble maker my son is.
Luckily for all of us, I have enough love exploding out of me to make up for all of that.....I just hope that it's enough for them.