Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great Grandpa H

Since I wrote about your Great Grandma H a few weeks ago, I only thought it would be natural to tell you a little bit about your Great Grandpa H.

This is what GG H did - he humored his grandchildren.  That little girl sitting on the horse in a not-so-lady-like-manner?  That's your mama back when leggings and multi-layered socks were in style, the first time.

And this is your GG H holding me when I was just weeks old.  This is my favorite picture with him.

Your Great Grandpa H was the type of grandpa that other grandpa's should aspire to be.  He was gentle, kind, humble, and hard working.  He asked all of the right questions and wanted to hear the answers.  Even in his retirement he never slowed down or stopped working.  Your GG H never got to meet you here on earth, but there are a few things I want you to know about him because some day you will see him again.  
1.  He was a carpenter.  He could build anything.  He helped your grandpa build the house I grew up in.
2.  He was a gardener.  Your Cece and Great Aunt Marsha have/had mad gardening skills too - and I'm sure that is where they got them from.
3.  He was a collector of great antiques.  And he even gave me a few.  Some of my greatest memories are moments when I would stop to visit them as an adult and he would give me a piece or two, just to see the look on my face.
4.  At one point he was drafted for one of the World Wars.  Rather than fight, he became a Conscientious Objector and was assigned to work out West in Forestry.  Which is when he started wooing your GG H through letter correspondence....he must have been pretty smooth with the ol' ink and paper.
5.  He was an artist.  I never knew this when he was alive, but I wish I would have.  I wish I would have seen him work.  He was a pastel guy...not my medium of choice, but a medium I can admire. I'd like to think that I somehow have that little piece of him in me.  I like to think that this is what my grandfather gave me, even if I never knew it while he was alive.
6.  He was handsome and shy....I'm not sure how well they served him in his life here on earth, but it certainly worked on my grandma, and that's the important thing.
7.  He always had a clean car.  I don't actually remember this, but one time your Cece mentioned it and I think it's noteworthy.  Everyone should have a clean car.

My most recent memory of my grandpa was a video I unearthed over Christmas break where he and my Grandma made an unexpected star appearance.  His smile - it was different.  It wasn't huge, it wasn't was....perfect.
And his voice.  For some reason that is the characteristic of my grandfather I remember most.  I can hear his voice in my head.  It was recognizable and noteworthy.  I'm not sure why that sticks out to me, but when I think of your GG H, I think of his voice.  

I can picture him seeing you and meeting you...and I know that he would love you.