Friday, December 31, 2010

"I wan Buddha"

Like a lot of words these days, my older son has words for his two best friends that don't make any sense to the average outsider.  To be honest, they don't make much sense to me.  If you've followed this blog, you're probably familiar with "Bear" and "Monkey".  Now there are about four friends that he carries around in his clutches throughout the day and night (including this little Pooh and a Giraffe his father has named "Jerry"). 
There is a definitely hierarchy to these friends, and one can see it by the trail of stuffed animals that he leaves in his wake.  Pooh is always the first to go, then Jerry, and then depending on the day, either Bear or Monkey.  In fact, Bear and Monkey are so important that they sometimes have to kiss his ouchies instead of his mom or dad.  They're that good.
But back to the words....
For as long as I've known Bear he has been pronounced "Bah" (think an octave higher), and Monkey has always been "Dah" (also higher).  Bear's name I can understand, but Monkey's I don't get.
But these two guys are important.  And seriously talented.  They can jump on beds, drive cars, and even sit in timeout.  And everytime they do these things they seriously crack up their best friend and biggest fan - a little Korean two and a half year old.

In fact, they are now so equally important that their names have been combined..... at least that's what I found out yesterday in Target when my son kept telling me and everyone around him that "I wan Buddha."  And trust me, it isn't because that kid is spiritually enlightened.