Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Making things over spring break.

Making things everyday has gotten harder lately, which is silly, because the whole point of this is to make something everyday...even if it is tiny and takes five minutes. Two weeks ago my parents gave up their spring break to come out and simultaneously remodel our house, cook us dinner, clean things that I didn't think could be cleaned, and babysit our children.  It was as magical as it sounds. Last week was my spring break and I used it to tackle my boring to-do list, work in the classroom, and spend too much time on social media.  Do they give out spring break do-overs?

I made this little guy on my first day of spring break when I got the clay out for my kids to play with.   M made an impressive airplane with wings that just kept going.  L made an incredibly detailed lion that was in turn destroyed by O. O made a ball.  He'll get there.

Yesterday was my first day back at school.  It was horrible and exciting in only the way the first day back can be after a substantial and productive break.  Now off to the second day back - where everything starts to fall in to place and become magically perfect and smooth.