Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I made things. Days 11-15.

My goodness I have fallen behind!  Here are the five I owe myself. :)

I am in the depths of Spring Break here - which hasn't really begun to feel like a break at all because an entire "to-do" list awaits me every morning.

But I am finding ways to have fun here and there.  And a little bit of creativity along the way.

 On today's list: Painting our upstairs apartment - do you know anyone that wants to live in a lovely space above a loud (but trying hard not to be) family of five?  Free wake up calls!

Also on the books - raised garden beds.  Is there such a thing as planning to do too much?  The answer is "yes, but how do you resist?"

Enjoy your day! Hopefully the weather where you are is as beautiful as the sun shining is here.