Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 334: The Season of "Boy"

The season where they start to realize just how cool you are....that season.

So yesterday was amazing and satisfying.  I successfully stuffed my face full of good food and sat around all day.

I am always tempted to travel over the holidays.  For one, visiting family that lives far away from me is the only way I get to see my family.  With each of my brothers in a different state, and my parents still tucked away in God's country (O-H!......) (don't worry, I heard you yell it), it is usually impossible to see them without some bit of traveling.  This Thanksgiving we made the decision to stay around here and were lucky to have all of Dustin's family around for the day. There was go-kart riding, and birthday partying, and pie consuming, and game playing...but that wasn't even my favorite part.

It was afterwards friends.

Because when we came home yesterday Dustin sat down with a book, and I started sewing Liam's birthday present (more to come!) - of course thinking that we would only have about 20 minutes before we were called away.

Friends, here is the amazing part....we weren't called away.  OUR KIDS PLAYED TOGETHER.  FOR HOURS.

I know people are always wanting to freeze time with their babies, and I get that.  I love cuddles and first words and all that.  But I think I love watching them grow up more.  I love the first time you can have pizza night on the couch - or the first time they come up with some elaborate imaginative scenario together.   I love with they can put their shoes on and tie them, and when  I can just say, "go put your coat on."  I love having conversations with them about right and wrong, and discussing what birthdays are really about.  I love hearing what their favorite things are, and when they work on legos for hours to create something unique and that works.  And I love when going out to eat starts to sound fun again, and when you take your almost-five-year-old to Noodles and Co. he yells above all of the patrons, "This is the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WOOOORRRRLLLLDDD!"  How's that for a comment card?

So the mother's of toddlers and infants that are either scared of them growing up too fast, or seem bogged down from taking care of them - it gets even better.

Today I am thankful for this season of parenthood.