Monday, June 24, 2013

Where the magic happens.

One of the absolutely, without-a-doubt best parts of my job here is to hang out with the volunteers.  That's right...I get to just hang out for my job.  Not only that, but I get to hang out with people that I GENUINELY want to hang out with.  People that are hilarious and silly.  

Not only that, but I also get to help plan residentials for them where we go away and reconnect, or evaluate, or do silly things like scavenger hunts in the forest.

Last week we did one of my favorite residentials with them.  We laughed, they evaluated their years, danced when there was no music, made up songs, and I got to tell them how awesome I think they all are.

This, along with everything else, I will miss.


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Hey! I found your blog through Cup of Jo. I was wondering... could you email me, or give me your email? I've been seriously looking into living in Northern Ireland and I would love to talk to someone who has experienced it! (and advice on how to get a job) My email is mmmishek (at)