Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I Learned at Sports Day

A few weeks ago at school the boys had a Sports Day.  The weather was sunny, and if I dare say it, hot. I even broke out my highly neglected collection of sunscreen.
It was a fun day, and I learned so much about my boys just by watching them "do Sport."

I learned that Miles has a confidence that rivals most people I know.  He has fun in everything he does and doesn't care about winning.  (Or the rules that are set in place to determine a winner.)

Liam does care about rules and winning.  He gets embarrassed easily, especially by his mother who he told to "Sit down and don't talk" after she cheered furiously for him.

I also learned that I don't know Irish Gaelic enough to have a clue what anyone is saying.
A good day.