Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Staying close to home.

We recently had a great weekend away.  After our very hectic and very fantastic trip to Morocco at Christmas I swore I wasn't stepping onto another airplane until it was time to leave this country, and we still haven't, although it is getting tempting.

Adventures at Streamvale Farm in Belfast
It's like childbirth, the good far outweighs the bad, and pretty soon you're getting the itch to travel again, and to see more of this continent before your time runs out.
Portavogie Coast, Northern Ireland
And when it's so inexpensive to fly from one European country to another (much cheaper than flying one state away in the U.S.) then you begin to wonder why in the world you wouldn't take every opportunity to travel while you are still here and it is all still just an arm's length away.
Castle Ward, County Down, Northern Ireland - another Game of Thrones location
And then you realize there is so much of the place you're living that you have yet to see.  And you remember that soon you'll have to go back to the country you've been aching for over the past 20 months.

The Mourne Mountains, Newcastle, Northern Ireland
 And before you know it (in less than 2 short months) your heart will be aching for this land that you called home for so long.  THIS land that is all your children know.  THIS house that is so small and so easy to clean. THIS community that is challenging, and hard, and magical, and amazing all at once.

Resting in the Bed and Breakfast after a hard day of traveling and playing

The River Mill Inn in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland
 And you'll be glad you explored the land you never before even thought of.  You'll be glad you stayed close to home.  Europe will be here for the rest of your life.  But your home....that will change the minute you board that plane with everything you own in four large suitcases.

Downpatrick Harbor, Northern Ireland