Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mom.

For mothers day I thought I would write about the first mother I ever own mom.  In fact, I feel like I am always the one doing the talking of my siblings as my brothers are generally men of few words.  I thought I'd start out my post by pasting in things that they wrote about our mother.

Isaac (21 years old):
I have this vague memory of when mom would comfort me by wrapping me in a
comforter and swinging me on the porch swing at night. (Probably when I
was too old to be held) I also remember her playing "catch" (baseball)
with me when no one else was around to play with. I love how she never
missed a basketball or a baseball game (that I can remember).  I love that
I can go to her about anything by starting "Promise me you wont get mad
but..." and she doesnt get mad.  Im grateful that she has a sense of humor
and that she has been able to support me through any situation.

Specifically I remember how harsh I may have been to her as a high
schooler and how I realize that she did not deserve that attitude.  She
deserved all of the love that her youngest child could possibly give her
and it took me a while to realize that.  She spent every second of the
last 22 years showing compassion, kindness and love to me, and for that,
she means more to me than I could ever explain.

Collin (29 years old):
Trying to come up with a special story about Mom sounds easy, in fact, I thought it could be done on a whim.  Unfortunately, for me this is not the case.  As I think about my childhood, all the general things about Mom come to mind.  She was always there for us.  Supported us in anything we wanted to try.  Both parents made the sacrifices they needed so we could take advantage of any opportunity that came our direction.  Obviously all these things are good and make Mom very special to me.  But the detailed memories are a bit harder.

The first memories that come to mind are the embarrassing moments.  I can't count the times I heard her high pitched "WOO WOO WOO WOO!" as a boy when she caught me in my underwear just because she knew I was self conscious about the whole thing.  Or the number of teachers, coaches, and even a Dean who pulled me aside to tell me that they talked to my mother (not because they were disappointed in me, but because Mom was disappointed in them).  I could talk about the time Mom let out a belch on a small raft in the grand canyon with a couple of other families squeezed on there with us.  The belch wasn't as bad as her giggling that followed.  Sure, it was an accident, but why couldn't she pretend like nothing had happened like the rest of us?  All these moments were devastating at the time, and that might be why these memories come to mind first.  In hindsight they were pretty innocent, and certainly this does not explain what makes Mom really special.  For me, that story evolves as I remember the times I've seen her cry.

Some of the largest steps I have taken in life, I remember looking over and seeing the tears in my Mothers eyes.  It not only reminds me of how big the leap was for me personally, but also how big it was for her.  My wedding comes to mind.  I remember looking down at Mom's teary eyes (tears of joy, I hope) as I was taking Becca's hand in marriage.  Years before that, as a freshmen eager to test the waters of being on my own, Mom and Dad at some point had to say goodbye.  Now over 10 yrs ago, much of the opening weekend at Hesston is hard to remember.  Saying goodbye to my parents and a teary eyed mother is crystal clear.  These memories, just to name a few, remind me of how tough it must be to be a parent.  It also tells me how much of her heart and soul she must have put into us and our futures.  For that, I am forever thankful.  Happy Mother's Day. (I know I said that they were men of few words, but it looks as though Collin's been saving them all up for this post. :))

Aaron (32 years old)
What sets mom apart for me was what she did for us as children.  I've never seen another mom that plays baseball out in the yard with her children or builds snowmen in the wintertime in the front yard when there are probably a million other things she could be doing.  That was my mom.  She did those things because she loved us and wanted to spend time with us.  She loved me even when I was hard to love.

There you go Mom....I know it's hard to get my brothers to talk about their feelings sometimes, but that is my mothers day gift to you....a compilation of their feelings.  I know you're probably crying by now so I won't add much.  Last weekend you told me that I am a good mom.  I'm only as good of a mother as has been demonstrated for me.  Thank you for being our mom.