Thursday, May 6, 2010

My favorite part of today...

Today was a crummy day.  I overslept, was frazzled all day, had horrible experiences with student laziness, and dreaded coming home to an evening of being a single parent while Dustin was teaching a night class.  I really didn't think anything could salvage today....but I was wrong.

My favorite parts of today (which all happened after 4pm)

* I got a call that a proof of my students' fine arts journal was ready for me to look at. (the thought of this not getting done in time was consuming me.)  And it looked Awe-some.
* I ordered a pizza for dinner for Miles and I and then topped it off with ice cream.
* The pictures below are from tonight when Miles couldn't decide whether he wanted to look at a "Runners World" magazine (his latest obsession), or watch the three lawn mowers that were all going at once across the street.  He realized he could do both. :)

* Miles all of the sudden tried to say a bunch of new words tonight - for example, "soccer, helicopter, magazine, pizza, help, green" to name just a few.
* We went on a walk to the park.  Watching Miles walk and run was so much fun.  I need to videotape him running because I LOVE the way he looks down at his feet when he's semi-running, semi-prancing.  It's like he thinks his shoes are magic.  It makes me giggle.
* I got to read stories to BOTH of my boys at the same time.
* Today I witnessed what I know as the first real interaction between my two boys in the bathtube.  Liam kept touching Miles' face and Miles kept laughing and looking at me after he would do it.  That does a mama's heart good.

*  A nice man at the park saw Miles' soccerball envy and came over with a ball for Miles to kick.  It was so nice.
*  Miles loves airplanes and we saw at least five tonight.
*  My fishpond looked really good.
*  My house has been really quiet for at least 1.5 hours, which has lead to great productivity (until I decided to blog)
* Miles and Liam made me laugh like 30 times tonight between the two of them.  I love having such silly boys.

I feel fortunate that today was salvaged.  If I'm honest I would say that I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from my pre-4pm experiences.  I wish I did a better job at living by my own mantra that"Life is too short", but I'm too tired to be a bigger person for now.  Luckily my children can bring out the best in me on days like today.  And even more luckily I have the night to sleep it off.  Tomorrow's a new day, and I'm sure there will be even more favorite parts of that day. 
But until then I will leave you with my favorite picture from today....the first of what could be many.....a shot of Miles admiring his own muscles in the mirror (he'd fit right in with the guys at the gym :) - oh dear.)


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I love when a bad day ends on a high - especially one including pizza and ice cream :)