Monday, February 15, 2010


The Wyse-Fishers would like to wish everyone a 
Happy Korean Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Seollal).

To learn more about the Korean Lunar New Year click here.  
 Miles in the Hanbok his foster mother gave him (it finally fits perfectly!)

Yesterday was not only Valentine's Day, but also Seollal.  We were invited by some friends to celebrate by going to a Korean restaurant in Champaign named B*Won.  It was delicious!  We haven't eaten at a Korean restaurant for almost a year since there are none in Peoria, and I was so sick in Korean that we couldn't ever go out to eat in the evenings like we wanted to (although we did eat at one of the street carts one afternoon - and still don't really know what we ate, except that it was spicy and delicious). was great food, and it realy was worth the trip.  I'm sure we'll be going back again soon.
The funny part was the Miles - my child who will eat anything, including spicy Indian food and salad, wouldn't even try a SINGLE BITE of food from the restaurant.  I don't think he was necessarily turned off by it, because it was all food that he would have loved....I think it was just that he was 1. distracted by the chopsticks and 2. being ornery (big surprise!)  Finally we got him to try a few bites of broccoli and rice, but he was still completely uninterested.  Oh well, more for us!
Liam (a.k.a. Hot Stuff) enjoying some Korean cuisine - or at least looking at it.

In the end we decided to get a group picture of the kids - which is always a great idea.  He is a little photo essay of how it went down.....
Here you can see Miles thinking about what he is going to do next.  You can almost see him weighing out the good vs. bad of this situation.
Here he decides to go for it - the cute little girl in the dress that is.
Look dad!  She TOTALLY wants me to give her a hug.  (You can see my legs in the background rushing to save the poor girl.)

Finally we ended up with a great picture of everyone.  Notice how Miles is waving at the camera with both hands - he did this for about 30 seconds like he was President of something - pretty funny!


sue said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Miles in his hanbok is so cute! your group shots are great! thanks for not mentioning my son who is he he! i love trying to take pictures of kids!

and love that Miles is hugging J! mama and daddy better watch out for don juan in the future!

i'm so glad you guys made the trip! we'll have to plan something in bloomington soon!