Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miles has a new house, Mom's as big as a house, and decorating our house.

Okay, so to start off with the title of this post....the other day we got a new deep freezer, which we've never had before.  It was very exciting and made me feel very grown up.  Dustin's already talking about finding a half cow somewhere to put in it.... I dont' even think we eat enough red meat to make up half of a cow in a year.  Well, the highlight of the entire experience, besides Miles running between appliances and giggling incessantly at Sears, was that we had this awesome box that Dustin turned in to a little house for Miles to play with.  Of course he loved it and continued to laugh like crazy everytime he went inside.  As far as me being a big as a house....well the photo pretty much sums it up.  Today is officially my estimated due date and I have a feeling that I am going to watch it come and go, which is a bit depressing.  I even braved the elements on Black Friday with the hopes that it would throw me into labor.  Although I came very close in line at Target, it never did happen.  Oh well, I guess he or she will come when they're good and ready - it doesn't really matter what I want. :)  Hopefully this isn't a trend. :)

Here is another picture of Miles helping me put together a little bouncer seat that we bought for the new baby.  He loved playing with the allen wrench and screwdriver and now he loves turning on the music and vibrating features and sitting in the chair.  Hopefully he isn't completely jaded when the baby comes and he finds out it was never really for him and that he way too big to sit in it.

And lastly, we started decorating our house for Christmas this weekend, which may be one of my favorite things to do during this season.  In the meantime Miles found this little santa hat, and since he now has an obsession with hats, he could wait to try it on, and ran around with the ball in his face for quite some time....once again laughing like crazy.  He thinks he is such a card these days. :)  To himself, he is the funniest person alive, which sort of makes him the funniest person alive to me as well.