Saturday, August 8, 2015

O turns 3.

My sweet baby boy.
Today you told me you are not a baby.  I guess you're right. I promise I will try my best to resist the urge to call you my baby boy.  But I also promise you that I will forever think of you as such.

To think that I didn't know you just three years and one day ago seems nuts.  I can't imagine for a minute our family without you in it.  You have had us rolling on the floor with laughter since the minute you figured out how to work a room with your smile. You sense of humor and timing add many beautiful things to this family unit.  You'll do anything for a genuine laugh, and you are good at it.

This past year you have found your words and your voice.  You use your words to make others laugh and to push against the control of your older brothers.  You aren't afraid to say how you feel, nor do you shy away from telling us what you want.  I hope you go forth in your life with this confidence, but find ways to also filter it with love and patience.

Your favorite show is Thomas (when your brothers will let you watch it) and your favorite toy is anything you can push outside while running as fast as your little legs will go.  You received approximately 25 Rescue Bots for your birthday and you love every single one of them. Your best friend is our young neighbor boy of your same age, and you two get in all sorts of trouble together, yet I love watching you play together.

Baby boy, I love you so much.  I wish for you a year of laughter, patience, and the knowledge that our love is shining on you even when we aren't together.

I'll love you forever sweet boy,
Your Mama