Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 365: Last Day

Where can I even begin this post?

How about at the point I forgive myself for not being able to live up the the unrealistic expectations I sometimes place on myself.

No one noticed that I didn't actually post every single day in 2014, like I had mentioned I would do here, did they?

Don't worry, I've long ago forgiven myself, so you should do the same.
Not that I want to tell you what to do.

But it's my blog, so I guess I can at least ask you to just ignore my inadequacies.

Let's move on...

Tonight I will watch the ball drop.  Or maybe I won't.  I haven't decided yet.  The great thing about getting older is that the pressure of doing amazing things on special days has lost its charm.  Instead I want to do amazing things on ordinary days and leave the special days to the young people while I respectfully observe my 10:00 bedtime. 

Today, like anyone with a pulse living the Gregorian calendar, I was reflecting on my 2014. 

This year has been a big year - but I could pretty much say that about every year I've had since I turned 10.  Probably every year before as well.  That's the funny thing about years in our lives - they continuously change.  They continuously mold us into different people.  (I still don't really remember 2010, but I'm sure that's because it changed me so much.)

These years shape us.  In my case, this year has shaped me into a squishy blob of culinary contentment. (A nice way of saying "extra weight gain".)  But it has also shaped me into some semblance of the mother I want to be - the sister and daughter I want to be.  I like myself a lot more than I used to, and one can never complain about that.

So today I'm thankful for another year. 

Another year to be a mother to my three favorite boys on the planet.
Another year to work on being a sister that is understanding and forgiving.
Another year to strive to be a gracious and helpful daughter.
Another year to become a better teacher.
Another year to love my friends.
Another year to sleep, eat, and work alongside the only adult person I want to be around every single day.

And another few days to binge-watch Netflix.  I'm also thankful for that.

p.s. I can't wait to tell you all about my Christmas.  It was EPIC...(if "epic" to you means potty training and gaining 20 pounds in Christmas cookies and Buckeyes.)