Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 342: Liam

Dear 5 Year Old, Full of Sass, Liam,

Today you turn 5, and it is a day that has been anticipated and planned and dreamed about for many weeks.  Perhaps it is the first birthday you'll remember as an adult, and look back on with fond memories. 
But probably not, because you never forget anything.

My life is so much fuller with you in it.  Full of cuddling (your favorite thing to do), music, dancing, laughter, and even arguments.

You are a firecracker in this big dull world, and I hope your light never goes out.  I hope you never stop questioning things (although you could stop questioning EVERYTHING. I. DO. for awhile and that would be nice).  I hope you never stop trying to make people laugh.  I hope you never stop dancing and singing without abandon.  I hope you are always proud to be yourself.

This early morning there is a new teepee and tap shoes waiting for you under the Christmas lights you so eagerly hung.  I can't wait for you to open them.  Because you live life in a constant state of excitement, I love living it with you.

Today I am thankful you are in my life.

I'll love you forever little luchóg.
Your mom.