Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fourth Anniversary of our Family Day

Did you know that four years ago I brought home my first baby? 
I can't believe it either.  He was 10 months old, quiet, and so melancholy.  Pretty much the opposite of what he is today - so close to being FIVE. 
We celebrated Miles' family day with all of his favorite things.  The boys had no school and the weather was warm-ish, so it seemed like we got the perfect day to celebrate the anniversary of us becoming US.
First up...the park.
Second...a movie and the arcade.
We are so screwed when they figure out that you can put money in these things and something actually happens.

Third...a special gift to commemorate the day.
This boy loves Mini Coopers for some reason.

And fourth...his favorite food in the whole wide world...Hamburgers at an "American Diner".  There were even free refills on soda! (Although regretfully, none of us took advantage of it due to soda overdose at the movie theater.)

And last but not least...swimming!  Sorry. No in-demand photos of us all in swimsuits.  That's what happens when you only bust those babies out once every two years. (On a side note: I don't remember what tan lines look like, and sometimes that makes me sad.)

Somehow his favorite things have turned into my favorite things to do with him.  It's funny how that happens when you have little people in your life.


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What a wonderful anniversary for all of you! Blessings to your sweet family!!