Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oliver is 8 MONTHS

This guy is getting older... and without my permission.
Can you believe it was eight months ago that THIS happened?
He's still fierce.  But he's also joyful, and stoic when I need him to be. 
My mom says he has an "old soul".

Greatest Accomplishments to Date:
Balancing on two hands and one knee - like yoga, but more wobbly - actually a lot like the yoga I do myself.
Eating solid foods like a champ -just like his mama.
Catching a single bug with his bare hands, and then proceeding to eat it. (Think karate kid without chopsticks.)

Greatest Disappointments to Date:
Not being able to stay up 24/7 with an endless supply of food being set before him.

Short term goals - sleeping through the night and crawling.
Long term goals - bringing an end to sectarian violence with his stunning good looks.