Monday, April 8, 2013

Four Years Ago

Dear Miles.

Four years ago today...
I stepped onto a plane with you strapped to me. Your gaze trusting.
I felt so lucky.
A quiet plane ride.
You were a content baby.
Quiet, and sleepy.
Just ten months old.
The ending to a beautiful story.
The beginning of an amazing one.
A story of tears, and laughter.
A story of heartache and love.
The story of us.

Happy Family Day little boy.

You taught me not to take myself too seriously.
Challenged everything I ever believed to be true. 
Feeling my heart swell to sizes I never dreamed possible.
You turned us into Us.
You were my first.
My guide through unchartered lands.

Forever and ever.
And then evermore.
I will love you.

You Mom.