Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ten Things I Know to be True on Tuesday... or Wednesday

  1. When you have a baby here everyone says to you, "well done!" after they've had a peak at the little guy.  I love this.  Mostly because it makes me feel like I've seriously accomplished something.  And I did.  I had to put up with a lot.  I should get some sort of "well done" for that.
  2. The best part about being in Northern Ireland right now?  The fact that I can ignore all political ads, and watch the debates only when I want to.
  3. The worst part about being in Northern Ireland right now?  I totally miss fall.  I'm homesick for all things apple, pumpkin, and orange.
  4. Ever since our one-year mark came and went I suddenly feel panicked about leaving - like it is just coming too quickly.  I know this year is going to fly by.
  5. After being followed around repeatedly by whining and demands, I decided that my children needed to have better manners.  Although I have always encouraged them to say "please" and "thank you", I read two weeks ago about a mom that claims her children are so polite because she models by example.  After audibly scoffing at the idea that I wasn't already doing that, I made the conscious decision to be overly polite to them - saying "please" and "thank you" even when it doesn't feel very natural.  I'm shocked to report that the woman might have been on to something.  Both Miles and Liam's manners have improved greatly.  Oliver, on the other hand, still has a way to go before he stops demanding things of me through little mini tantrums.
  6. Everything is easier at home.  I do love it here, and I love Belfast - the closest city to where we live.  However, I find it incredibly difficult to find anything easily in a city I'm not familiar with.  I need to pick up a pack of Mod Podge?  I can tell you exactly three stores in Peoria that carry it.  In Belfast?  I have no idea - and trust me, I've done my homework.  I find trips into the city to be somewhat unproductive and frustrating.
  7. Yesterday I had to pleasure of meeting many important people in Northern Ireland - from politicians, to hotel financiers, to Liam Neeson's mom.  It was great fun, and I got to photograph everyone.  When I finally introduced myself to Kitty Neeson I was so star-struck that all I could say was, "I also named my son Liam!"  Her response?  "Oh, that's nice dear..."  I could tell she was super impressed.
  8. I love Liam's stories.  He has so much to tell me.  He also has all sorts of scenarios going off in his head. I wish I could find a way to capture his words and hold on to them forever.
  9. I don't spend enough time telling Dustin that I think he's an awesome partner in this adventure.  I do, however, spend too much time telling him how I would have done things differently, or why he's wrong. Oof.
  10. This is my favorite picture today...


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Yes, this is a great photo of a very grownup-looking Miles!