Thursday, August 4, 2011

country livin'

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I grew up on a farm.  So did Dustin.  So when we made the decision to move in with his parents for a few weeks during our transition, we knew we were going back to familiar ground.  All-terrain familiar ground.  And Dustin's parents willingly (although naively) welcomed us with open arms.  But there were a few things I forgot about living on the farm from when I was in high school....
  • You can't put the mail out in your pj's.  Perhaps it is the 1/2 mile trek to the mailbox that will deter you from doing so, but my days of reaching out from behind the storm door in nothing but my skivvies - hoping the neighbors aren't armed with binoculars (or just good eyesight) are over.
  • Your cute little strappy sandals from Aldo just won't cut it.  You want to run to the grocery store for a quick trip?  Well the car is parked through wet grass, followed by dusty gravel, followed by more wet grass.  Good luck.
  • They won't just fix your cable on the same day.  My in-laws lived without internet access for days.  If this had happened to me I would have lost all my hair, broke out into hives, and probably fell into the fetal position resulting in an unsolicited hunger strike.  Luckily for the internet service, and for all those involved, my in-laws are much better people than me.
  • Going "into town" is an ordeal.  I've been making a running list for running into "the city" for days.  Today I get to go.  I'm giddy.
  • Dropped calls.  They happen.
  • Toads live there.  So do cats, and lovable stinky dogs, and even cows.  Go figure.
  • There are no small fenced in areas in which to contain your children while you enjoy an iced tea on the deck.  Oh you have to go to the bathroom quick?  Good luck finding your children after the 30 seconds it takes them to hide in some obscure place within the umpteen acres you now call home.  They're probably rolling around in motor oil (this really happened) or starting the combine for an early harvest.  So you think they will willingly answer your desperate calls when you finally emerge from the house?  Guess again sista.
  • Small towns really are small.  A few days ago I had to run to four different places including the library, post office, thrift store, and grocery store.   I parked my car only to realize that they were all within a block of one another.  Jack. pot.
  • Bugs are loud.  If you city folk think sirens, traffic, and gunshots are serious noise pollution, you should go running right before sunset on a country road.  My ears might still be ringing from the cicadas and grasshoppers.
  • Peace.  It's peaceful...and slow-paced....and dreamy.....and relaxing.....and wonderful, and if you walk down the road in the early morning before the sun decides to scorch the daylights out of the is the most beautiful place to be.
3 boys getting ready to do some serious farm work.  I've never seen Liam so excited as when Dustin pulled up in the tractor.


thewonderfulhappens said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Bugs are loud but I think frogs might be even louder! When we go to the beach, we stay in a condo that is in a marshy preserve and oh my goodness, the frogs! I love that sound though.

Enjoy your time in the country! There is a lot to love about it!