Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bye! See ya later! Have Fun!

This is Miles' new favorite farewell.  He says it to everything he is leaving, whether it is a tree, ("Bye tree!  See ya later! Have fun!") or a house, or even his friends.  And I love it.
Can you think of a more cheerful way to leave a room?  Let me break it down for you.

1.  "Bye tree!"  Acknowledging that you are leaving is the ultimate sign that whatever (whoever) you are leaving means enough to you that you want to acknowledge that you are in fact leaving.  If you like someone, you say don't just sneak out of the party while they're in the bathroom.  Whoever you are saying goodbye to is important.

2.  "See ya later!"  Who can be sad about that?  This promise of a quick return, and future fun times to be had can't make anyone sad.  No one ever cries when they say it....because it is so hopeful and full of casual affirmation that there WILL be a return, and it will be glorious.  No one is allowed to be sad when one shouts over their shoulder "See ya later!"

3.  "Have fun!"  A commanding sentence that insists that the fun go on even without the person that is leaving.  A reminder that life will go on, fun times are the order of the day....keep growing and getting beautiful.  Enjoy the moment so you can tell me all about it when we speak again.  Soak up every moment I miss, because I want to know all about it when I return.   

So tomorrow morning as we drive away, all I have to say is...
Goodbye Peoria!  See ya later!  Have fun! *hiccup*


jefftam0 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You have a sensitive multicultural genius on your hands! At training Marcus and Lewis took "good-bye walks" as they walked around and said bye to everything and shared memories of it. "Good bye air hockey, good bye ping pong..."