Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sayonara March

Dear March,
I am not sorry to see you go.  I must admit that we've had a loving relationship in the past, with your promises of warmer weather and early spring flowers.  However, you've pushed me too far this year.
That's why I don't hesitate for one instant in saying.... See ya later alligator.
You've been a sneaky, busy, lousy month that has robbed me of many things I love, including, but not limited to:
1.  Reading books.
2.  Getting together with friends.
3.  Tucking my boys into bed.
4.  Weekday television watching.
5.  Weekend movies with my husband on the couch.
6.  Working out.
7.  Being a good teacher.

I guess I could blame myself for overbooking and overpromising.....but I would rather blame you.

So what does this mean for April?
That it is going to be A_W_E_S_O_M_E.  April and I have BIG plans...bigger plans than you could ever deliver.
1.  I have three books sitting on my Nook ready to be devoured.
2.  I have great visions of jewelry designs I've been saving just for April.
3.  Photos to edit - fun work...which doesn't feel like work at all.
4.  Dining with friends - we've got birthdays backlogged from February to celebrate y'all.
5.  Tucking my boys into bed every night - but it doesn't stop there.  Games of Memory and Hide and Seek.  Walks outside with the dog.  If I could make a "Best Of" album of my parenting - its release would happen this month.
6.  Speaking of albums - I'm going to make an April-kicks-butt soundtrack to counteract my Angst-filled-March album.
7.  Netflix and Redbox overload - Season One of Greys Anatomy?  Watch out, here I come.
8.  Working out - see above under "Walks outside with the dog." = My favorite gym membership.
9.  I'm on board to be an awesome teacher armed with some new project ideas and inspiring artists.
10.  Spring break.
11.  AND I'm going to learn how to meditate.  Because my mind is not a calm mind....and a calm mind is not a happy mind....or something like that.

And what does that mean for you March?
Eat my dust.
I've got a new partner now and together April and I are in it to win it.
Until next year....

Hugs, kisses, and fist bumps,


sue said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i am soooo happy to see march go! here we come april!!!!