Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a little perspective

Sunday night I went to bed mad.  I mean really mad.  So mad I couldn't sleep.  I felt wronged and a little betrayed.  I was planning how I was going to resolve this "issue".  By the time I woke up Monday morning I had calmed down a bit, but I was still feeling pretty sorry for myself. 
Then I got a little perspective.

I went to school and found out that my coworker had just lost a grandmother.
A little perspective.
One of my best friends found out she has ANOTHER nasty cancerous tumor.
A little perspective.
I visited my friend who is now a single mom trying to figure out how to raise her son on her own and make a living as an artist.
A little perspective.
I heard on the radio that my son's birth country had been attacked by a neighboring country - killing three marines and two civilians.
A little perspective.
What was I so mad about?  Turns out it doesn't really matter.