Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, we haven't really written anything lately....mostly because nothing has happened. We keep getting sent forms that we keep signing and sending back....most of which we have no idea what they are for. All of this paperwork seems to be a foreign language to me.....We also belong to a yahoo group of waiting families called ESWS. I read the discussions, but never comment because I am so confused by all of their acronyms and such. I feel like I should be much more on top of things than I really am. I guess I'm just not down with the foreign adoption "lingo." For some reason God has really blessed us during this waiting time with a lot of patience and a realistic view on how long it will take. Over Christmas we started getting the nursery ready and we are still putting the finishing touches on it. We painted the walls a really light blue. We mixed the paint ourselves out of old paint we had in the basement. My mom made the bedding for the crib and my parents helped us buy our crib. Dustin's parents bought us an antique rocking chair that is perfect for the room. That took up pretty much all of December and kept us quite busy.
Januray was spent refinishing an old dresser that we are going to use as a changing table. This was my first refinishing experience, and it was sort of fun. We also had our first baby shower - and perhaps our only one before Miles gets here on January 24th. I want to post photos, but I will have to get them around. My college friends also came out the weekend of my birthday and brought lots of cute gifts for little Miles.
So that brings us to February.......the 6th marked our official 3 months mark. I did the math and if we get to leave on or after March 11th, then I will be out of school for the remainder of the year. I guess that is what is going to make February a little easier. Now, if we start getting into the bulk of March still waiting.....I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes. :)