Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This weekend I fell through a window.  It was sort of a "come to Jesus" moment - an awakening if you will.  I was the 35 year old that squeezed herself through a tiny little window of the ceramics lab on a campus full of people and expected to clear the 5 foot landing that lay on the other side.  With sunglasses and sandals on. 

Maybe I was showing off (although I still hope not a soul saw me).

Maybe I was too proud to say, "You know Tiffany, you're far too old and out of shape to do something so absurd."

Or maybe while I was dangling through the window with my foot and fingers stuck in it's tiny opening, knowing that I was going to have to just let go and fall, I was thinking, "this is how it all ends. This is how they'll find me."

Obviously it didn't end.  I'm fine.  And not a single bump to prove and bare witness to my poor judgement. 

But a bruised pride and broken necklace are good reminders anyhow.