Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 257: Wave

I live in the Midwest.  I admittedly (after many years of denial and trying to claw my way out) love it.  I am so Midwest it hurts sometimes. 

A friend of mine from the East Coast took a quiz one time that told him how "Midwest" he was.  He only scored around a 40% and at the end they told him he should practice waving at cars driving by more.  And it wouldn't hurt to smile.

It's true.  We wave at each other.  Especially when you're on a narrow country road and it's only the two of you.  You wave; otherwise you look like a stranger.

There are extremes of course - instances where even we Midwesterns are freaked out by the random kindness of people we don't know.

Which leads me to this...

I work at two different schools.  Everyday I park at one school and then walk a half a block and cross the street to the other school at a crosswalk with a very cheerful and friendly crossing guard.  She's lovely.

The very first day of school I had to walk past these two older people who were chatting on the sidewalk between the schools and waving at many of the cars that went by on a very busy street.  They had their bikes there and I figured they were old friends that had run into one another.  And knew A LOT of people that were driving by. 

Then I saw them the next day.

And the next. 

And I realized that they were waving at EVERY car that went by. 

They have been there everyday since.  Rain, sun, wind - they are out there waving joyfully at every car.  Most people (who probably drive this route daily) just as joyfully wave back.  Some people give half waves and nervously wonder if they should know these people.  Very few act like they don't see them. 

None of this discourages these two people of course. They are there to serve as the cheerleaders of the community - the junior high and high school students - the busy Moms and Dads - the young professionals trying to get to work on time.  They are simply a cheerful face that is happy to see all of them first thing in the morning.

This must be their ministry. 

What a creative way to give of yourself. 

Today I am thankful for these two and what they do for every car that passes by.