Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Turning 4

Dear Liam.

This note has been two weeks in the making.  I actually starting thinking about what I wanted to say to you before your birthday ever happened.  Then during your birthday....and NOW - a week and half after your birthday has come and gone.  Please don't think for a minute that this lateness is in any way associated with distraction, or neglect.

It only has to do with not knowing what the right words are.

Because you, my dear one, are a words guy.
 You analyze words and force me to think about things I haven't critically thought about in years - like who we'll see in heaven, and if we'll still like Christmas cookies once we're there.  You question everything - including snowflakes and rainy days.

To say that you've taught me a thing or two about God...that would be an understatement.

You were so excited to turn 4 - everything comes in fours now - snacks, minutes, underwear.  On the day of your birthday you kept telling everyone we met that you were three when you were sleeping, which I think is amazing.

You went to bed a toddler, and woke up a little boy.

You had very specific requests for your birthday, because you're a guy that knows what you want - Spiderman wrapping paper, a snowman cake with blueberries and strawberries, Cinderella/Snow white napkins, pizza with pepperonis, a blue tow-truck pinata...the list goes on.  Decisive you are.

I love the way you wrap your arms around my neck with the tightest grip one could ever imagine - it's like acupressure for my soul. Your imitation of Spider Man makes my whole inside smile.  Sometimes I look at you and just can't believe that I am so lucky to know you, and spend every day with you.  You wear your tired like a giant cloak for the world to see - dressed in louder-than-life shouting laced with far-reaching excitement.  For this reason, I am also sometimes very happy to put you down for a nap.

You are my logical thinker, my honesty expert, and my cookie loving boy.

Happy fourth birthday little one.

I love you forever....
Your mom.